Kenya: 35,000 birth certificates issued in Narok County

Published: 5/Oct/2019
Source: Kenya News Agency

Narok County has issued 35,000 birth certificates since the launch of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) program in June 2019.

Speaking at his office Friday, Narok County Civil Registrar Ken Nyamweya said during the RRI program that ended on August 1st, Narok County received 45,074 new applications for birth certificates.

“Despite the RRI program ending, normal operations are still going on and we are still receiving hundreds of birth certificate applications,” said Nyamweya.

According to Nyamweya, the department is however facing several challenges that they are trying to overcome.

“The major issue we are facing is that majority of the residents here in Narok do not come to register their children within the required period of three months after birth. I would like to encourage them that as soon as they have given birth, they should come to our offices with the documents indicating the birth of a child from either the hospital or the assistant chief if it is home birth and apply for the certificate early enough,” he said.

Printing of birth certificates booklets from the government printer has also been delaying which has contributed to backlogs. The department also lacks enough staff to help speed up the process. This especially becomes a bigger problem for the few staff available at the offices when people give false information or provide false documents because a lot of time is spent trying to verify the documents from various sources.

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