Kenya: Court okays Huduma Namba

Published: 2/Apr/2019
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

State barred by court from compelling anyone to surrender their DNA or biometrics

President Uhuru Kenyatta has dispatched Raila Odinga and other high-profile personalities to oversee the controversial Huduma Namba launch.The exercise starts today and ends on April 16.

Plans are going ahead after a court yesterday declined to stop the registration and ruled that the state could proceed with Huduma Namba and biometrics collection. The case will be mentioned on April 30.

However, it set strict conditions, saying no one shall be compelled to participate or surrender DNA. No one will be forced to register in the system as a condition for receiving citizen services and facilities.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Kenya Human Rights Commission and Nubian Rights Forum had moved to court seeking the suspension of collection of data from Kenyans under NIIMS.

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