Kenya: Haki na Sheria Initiative and others v. Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Interior and Coordination of Government and others (refugee spouses – petition)

Published: 7/Feb/2023
Source: High Court of Kenya at Garissa

This Petition relates to citizenship rights of spouses of Kenyan citizens who have been married for the stipulated period of at least seven (7) years and who are also either confirmed to be convention refugees or persons who have sought refugee status but whose refugee eligibility has not been conclusively determined and who are denied the right to apply for or acquire Kenyan citizenship through marriage. It questions the legality of the actions of the Respondents that impede the attainment of citizenship rights by marriage and means to the documents that are integral to the grant of citizenship by the 2nd, and 3rd Petitioners and all other persons similarly situated to them not named in this Petition.

Download petition: Refugee Spouses Petition 07.02.2023 filed

Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage, Statelessness
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2023