Kenya: Muslim cleric back new directive on vetting

Published: 30/Nov/2022

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) has lauded the move by President William Ruto on the directive to review the policy and regulations surrounding the issuance of passports, Identification cards [IDs] and other key requisite documentation to Kenyans.

The clerics said that it was prudent to regularize the immigration and registration of person’s guidelines to make it easier for Kenyans to acquire the mandatory documents as required by law.

Addressing the media at the Council’s offices in Mombasa County, CIPK Secretary General Sheikh Mohammad Dor said that there have been existing challenges in acquiring identification cards and other documents.

He noted that the challenges could be resolved swiftly and effectively through adherence of the president’s directive to evaluate the matter.

He further said that the government was on track with the timely intervention in reviewing the vetting process which has obstructed many Kenyans from accessing the critical documents.

“The government has made very significant strides in this whole issue surrounding issuance and vetting of Kenyans looking to acquire identification documentation. We applaud the President for the bold move promising to review this issue for the benefit of many Kenyans,” said Dor.

He added that streamlining these guidelines would help identify sections of populations including refugees and unauthorized personnel residing in the country for proper documentation.

On his part, CIPK Organizing Secretary Sheikh Khalifa Mohamed called for calm and collectivism in the country as candidates sit for national exams.

Khalifa also asked Kenyans to stand up for other Kenyans who are adversely affected by the prolonged drought season.

“Our country needs us more than ever, we are coming from the covid-19 pandemic and now we have a drought that has affected us tremendously. Let us unite for the sake of our Nation,” said Khalifa.

Khalifa added that nation-building, and not a retrogressive agenda, should be the driving force as the government puts in place concerted plans to implement vital projects that would spearhead the development of the country.

The clerics also called on parents and guardians to keep a close eye on their children during the festive season.

Also, they advised presents to engage the learners in meaningful activities that will help them to spend their time wisely and keep them from deviant behaviors.

By Andrew Hinga and Fatuma Said

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