Kenya: The Pain of the Nubian Community

Published: 7/Sep/2021
Source: The Nation (Nairobi)

By Victor Raballa & Angeline Ochieng

Over the years, different groups of Kenyans have sued the British government for one reason or another.

There were maimed and bereaved families in Samburu that sued after unexploded ordnances were left behind by the British Army, only to wreak havoc later.

There were Kenyans tortured by the colonialists during the Mau Mau uprising. And now, another group has opened up a new battlefront, planning to take the British to court.

Despite living in Kenya for more than 100 years, members of the Nubian community have been through a tumultuous historical journey full of pain and anguish.

The story of the community paints a gloomy and frustrating picture for the many of the minority group members who are struggling to find a foothold in the country and enjoy the rights as Kenyan citizens.

They were first brought to Kenya from Sudan to serve in the King’s African Rifles, a regiment of the British colonial armed forces. They were then settled in Kibera, Eldama Ravine, Kisii, Mumias and Kisumu.

They were allocated parcels of land to settle on, but much of the land has been repossessed for government projects.

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Themes: Discrimination, Cartes d’identité et passeports, Enregistrement des naissances, Ethnique/Raciale/Religieuse
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2021