Kenyans protest Magufuli order to deport foreigners, block Namanga border

Published: 27/Mar/2017
Source: The Star (Nairobi)


Kenyans in Namanga demonstrated against Tanzanian leader John Magufuli on Monday saying he had deported their counterparts.

They paralysed transport by blocking the Kenya-Tanzania border road at Namanga and stormed businesses owned by Tanzanians.

They rounded the foreigners up and frog-marched them across the border to their country. Many from Magufuli’s country claimed they lost their stock and money.

Tanzanian barmaids working in Kenyan clubs were roughed up and their mobile phones taken away.

Businesses on the Kenyan side remained closed until after midday.

The Star reported in January that Tanzanian authorities were targeting Kenyans living in their country illegally.

Several Kenyans, including those who were born in Tanzania before independence, have been told to leave if they cannot provide documents validating their stay.

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Themes: Deportation and Mass Expulsions
Regions: Kenya, Tanzania
Year: 2017