Law banning dual-nationality Egyptians from parliament unconstitutional

Published: 7/Mar/2015
Source: El Ahram

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruled Saturday unconstitutional a law banning dual nationality citizens from running in parliamentary elections.

The ruling opens the door for further postponement of parliamentary elections after an administrative court ordered a halt to all preparations for the vote.

The administrative court’s order followed the SCC ruling unconstitutional parts of a different parliamentary election law.

While the parliamentary vote was initially set to start 21 March, new poll dates are yet to be determined.

Egypt has been without a parliament since the House of Representatives elected in late 2011 was dissolved in June 2012, following a court ruling that judged the law regulating its election to be unconstitutional.

In Saturday’s session, the SCC ruled the first section of Article 8 in the Parliamentary Elections Law unconstitutional.

The case was filed by lawyer Essam El-Islambouli.

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