Lesotho: Ethiopian denied citizenship over alleged human trafficking

Published: 8/Mar/2012
Source: Lesotho Times

MASERU — An Ethiopian refugee has been denied Lesotho citizenship after he was accused of human trafficking and money laundering, the Lesotho Times heard this week.

Eyob Belay Eyaya Asemie, 34, said he was due to be sworn-in as a Lesotho citizen together with 12 other foreign nationals by Deputy Prime Minister Lesao Lehohla last week Monday.

He claims his name was struck off the roll at the last minute under controversial circumstances.

This was in spite of a recommendation last December by the Ombudsman Alina Fanana that he be granted citizenship.

Asemie this week accused the National Security Service, police, senior home affairs officials and the Commissioner of Refugees, Mohlolo Lerotholi, of thwarting his bid for citizenship.

This was the third time that Asemie had failed to be sworn-in after allegations that he was a criminal masquerading as a refugee.

Asemie says he first attempted to acquire Lesotho citizenship in August 2010 but when he entered the hall where the ceremony was being held he was ordered out “or the police would be called to throw me out”.

He says he then tried again last March but officials at the immigration department struck his name off the list of naturalised people.

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Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage, Nationality and Refugees
Regions: Lesotho
Year: 2012