Liberia increases cost to obtain ECOWAS biometric passport

Published: 31/Mar/2015
Source: Front Page Africa

The government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has announced an increase in the cost of obtaining an ECOWAS Biometric Passport. The new fee is US$50 and the regulation takes effect on April 30. In a release issued by the Finance and Development Planning Ministry on Monday, the ministry maintained that it increased the fees in keeping with law.

Stated the MOFDP release: “Consolidated Tax amendment Act of Liberia, Government Agency Fees, Section 2102 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fixed Fees, stipulates that: “The fees for the following services/instruments of the Foreign Affairs Ministry shall be as by regulation prescribed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the minister of Finance and Development Planning and shall be assessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and paid regularly to the Liberia Revenue Authority for deposit into the account of the government.”

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Year: 2015