Liberia: Under probe – NEC puts Rob Sirleaf’s citizenship on grill

Published: 12/Déc/2014
Source: Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

Robert Sirleaf, one of the key candidates set to contest the up-coming senatorial seat for Montserrado County as an independent candidate, is expected to undergo a probe by the National Election Commission (NEC) over allegations that he is in possession of a dual citizenship, which is forbidden under the Liberia’s laws. With barely five-days to the holding of the senatorial election, NEC has not set a date for the probe, but indicated in its response letter to the lawyers that the commission attaches seriousness to the matter and wish to investigate it as soon as possible.

“In keeping with the practice of the Commission and due to the seriousness of the matter raised in your letter under reply, I have preferred your compliance to the Independent Hearing Officer, Attorney Muana Ville for investigation, Attorney Ville will cite the parties for the hearing as soon as he returns from his tour of the Southeast, where he is conducting training for hearing officers in the Special Senatorial Election,” stated the NEC response.

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Themes: Nationalité des politiciens, Nationalité et élections
Regions: Libéria, Afrique de l'Ouest
Year: 2014