Makonde issue shows different people care for Kenya and are concerned for common interest

Published: 16/Oct/2016
Source: The Nation (Nairobi)

By George Kegoro

This is a general reflection on the historic development that had led to the Makonde community, at last, receiving Kenyan nationality.

A “trek” is a long, often difficult, journey, and the idea that the Makonde should hold a trek from Kwale to Nairobi to press their case for recognition as Kenyan citizens was the brainchild of the Kenya Human Rights Commission which then developed a coalition with other NGOs from the coast, notably the Kwale Human Rights Network and Muslims for Human Rights.

The County Government of Kwale became a natural partner because it has shown support for the Makonde with its Assembly passing a motion calling on the national government to give the Makonde Kenyan nationality.

Also, during a visit to Mombasa, the leadership of the Kwale government had drawn the attention of the President to the Makonde issue and, in response, the President established a taskforce that was to advise on how to carry out the naturalisation of the Makonde people.

For reasons that have not been made clear, the report of the taskforce has not been made public and one of the demands that the Kenya Human Rights Commission has articulated was for the report to be made public.

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Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage, Statelessness
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2016