Mali: Back to the drawing board for new family code

Published: 1/Sep/2009
Source: IRIN

Legislators in Mali will have to try harder to win support for the next draft of their new family code after the president sent it back to parliament on 27 August for re-drafting.

The current draft code recognizes only secular marriages, increases the legal marrying age to 18, gives girls inheritance rights, and makes women equal with their husbands at home, according to lawmakers who said they had not done enough to get backing for controversial parts of the family code.

“We demonstrated intellectual laziness in adopting the last code so quickly. This time, the assembly will start from zero,” parliamentarian Mountaga Tall told IRIN. He said legislators will hear the arguments of the nation’s highest Islamic body on 10 controversial points which have sparked demonstrations and threats of civil disobedience and violence.

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Themes: Discrimination, Gender
Regions: Mali
Year: 2009