Mark Doyle Subscribes to the oath of allegiance as Sierra Leonean

Published: 5/Nov/2013
Source: Sierra Leone Presidency

Christopher Mark Doyle subscribes to the oath of allegiance as a citizen of Sierra Leone through Naturalization. The ceremony took place at the State Lodge, Hill Station, Freetown.

President Koroma called on him to take the message of the new Sierra Leone far and wide, although he was not expecting him to act now as a Sierra Leonean journalist.

“I urge you to work within the ambit of the laws of Sierra Leone and be law abiding at all times”, President Koroma said, adding that Sierra Leone is on the move as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.
He encouraged Mark Doyle to join in the transformation process to put the country on the map.

According to Mr. Doyle, he will continue to be the objective journalist that he had been known to be, and as he put it, “I will be a little harder on Sierra Leone this time round to prove that I am an objective journalist.”

Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: Sierra Leone
Year: 2013