Minister Aaron Motsoaledi welcomes the Public Protector’s report on Citizenship Act

Published: 10/Feb/2021
Source: South African Department of Home Affairs

The Minister of Home Affairs welcomes the Public Protector’s report on the Citizenship Act

Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi welcomes the Public Protector’s report on the implementation of the Citizenship Act.

As such, the Minister has instructed the Director-General of the Department to start preparing the action plan which should be submitted to the Public Protector indicating the timelines of implementing the recommendations of the Public Protector. Likewise, the Minister will submit his own action plan as directed by the Public Protector.

Minister Motsoaledi said the Public Protector’s recommendations will be included in the comprehensive policy review that is already underway. The objective of the policy review is to look at the possibility of amalgamating the Citizenship Act, Refugee Act and Immigration Act, into one policy, as it seems to be the practice in some democracies globally.

The Minister will ensure that special naturalisation applications are tabled in Parliament in terms of section 5(9)(b) of the South African Citizenship Amendment Act, 2010.

Incidentally, the Public Protector’s report comes at the time when the Minister has resolved to review some permits issued over the years, especially permanent residence visas which are just a step away from citizenship. The Minister’s view was informed by a trend he noticed emerging from the outcome of numerous investigations the Department has been undertaking over the past two years, especially those involving prominent people.

In the coming days, the Minister will unpack the full details of his intervention which he decided on late last year. The Department will leave no stone unturned in uncovering dubious visas, permits such as permanent residence and special citizenships which were granted irregularly.

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