Ministerial Order N° 007/01 of 23/03/2022 relating to Rwandan nationality

Published: 23/Mar/2022

Article One: Purpose of this Order

This Order determines the following:

1 º the conditions and modalities for applying for Rwandan nationality by origin;
2 º the conditions and procedure for applying for Rwandan nationality by acquisition;
3 º the format of the Rwandan nationality certificate ;
4 º the competent authority to administer the oath to a person granted Rwandan nationality by acquisition and the procedure for administering the oath;
5 º identification details of the person who is granted the Rwandan nationality by acquisition to be published;
6 º the procedure for revoking Rwandan nationality by acquisition;
7 º the conditions and procedure for applying for renunciation of Rwandan nationality;
8 º the procedure and requirements to apply to renounce or recover Rwandan nationality by origin;
9 º the fees paid for application provided for by this Order;
10 º the procedure for declaring dual nationality.

Download: Rwanda Ministerial Order Nationality 007-01 of 23-03-2022

Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Loss and Deprivation of Nationality
Regions: Rwanda
Year: 2022