Morocco Launches National Campaign to Register All Children

Published: 1/May/2019
Source: Morocco World News

Morocco launches phase 2 of a national campaign to register children for civil status.

By Margot Eliason

Rabat – The Moroccan Ministry for Human Rights launched on Monday the second phase of a national campaign to register children for civil status, to ensure their full access to civil rights.

Registration means the official recording of a child’s birth by the government.

The first phase of the program was delivered in partnership with UNICEF from September 2017 to May 2018 and led to the registration of 23,151 people across the country, of which 85% e were minors.


In April 2018, the Deputy Minister for Parliamentary and Civil Relations Mustapha El Khalfi announced that 83,682 Moroccans did not have a civil status. The first phase of the registration campaign set up 2110 registration offices and 1941 mobile registration units across Morocco to address the issue.

Phase two of the program focuses on registering four categories of children: children in the education system, children outside the education system, children benefiting from social welfare institutions (like abandoned children or children in difficult family situations), and children in welfare centers.


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