Namibia: Minister of Home Affairs v Dickson and Another

Published: 24/Oct/2008
Source: Namibia Court of Appeal

Minister of Home Affairs v Dickson and Another (SA34/2007) [2008] NASC 13; 2008 (2) NR 665 (SC) (24 October 2008)

Appeal Court judgment overturning High Court ruling to find that an application for Namibian citizenship on the basis of marriage could be rejected, on the grounds that the applicant’s residence in Namibia was not regularised by the immigration authorities. However, the court stated, on grounds of applicant’s good record, « It is, therefore, hoped that this adverse judgment notwithstanding, the relevant authorities would accord a sympathetic reception to his possible application, if he cares to make one, for regularising his residence in conformity with the law. »

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Themes: Naturalisation et le mariage
Regions: Namibie
Year: 2008