Conscience International (CISL)

Les régions: Afrique de l'Ouest, Sierra Leone

Conscience International (CISL) is a registered and recognized
Independent, non-partisan and non-profit human rights and development
Organization working in Sierra Leone. CISL works to maximize the
knowledge, respect and observance of human right environment and
development work through linkages with national, sub-regional,
regional and international like-minded entities.
To see an increased protection and promotion of human right of every
individual without discrimination of any kind in Sierra Leone and
We maximize knowledge, respect, self-confidence and observance of
human right through trainings, Advocacies and lobbying with
development shareholders and duty bearers for adherence and compliance
to human right standards everywhere.
Conscience International work to promote the rights of
1. Stateless persons
2. Internationally displaced persons
3. Migrants, refugees and
4. Ex-asylum seekers/ Returnees)
5. Community livelihood projects

Our current activities are mainly promoting the right to nationlity
through awareness raising programs on what statelessness means, engaging stakeholders on the review of discriminatory nationality laws and doing community town hall meetings on brith registration for
all. We currently operate in Sierra Leone and are supported by UNHCR
Senegal regional office