Greater Hope Swaziland

Regions: Swaziland

Greater Hope Swaziland is a non governmental, not for profit organization registered under section 17 of the Company Act of 2009. The organization was registered on 30th November 2011. The organization’s registration was initiated by concerned citizens of Swaziland after identifying unmet needs for children with disabilities in the country.


A Swaziland in which all children with disabilities achieve their utmost potential in life and are valued as full and equal members of the community.


Mission Statement

Envision an inclusive, diverse world that values each individual child and their voice leading to the enjoyment of equal rights, opportunities and freedoms.



To bring hope, restore dignity and bring a sense of self confidence among children living with disabilities.


  • To advocate for the rights of children with disabilities
  • To promote social and economic empowerment for children with disabilities
  • To facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes
  • To promote access to inclusive and quality education for children with disabilities
  • To ensure access to health care services including access to SRH services for children with disabilities


  1. To promote and advance equal human rights of all children with disabilities in Swaziland
  2. To engage other development actors to exchange views and represent the interests of children with disabilities
  3. To conduct research studies on disability matters to inform the development of relevant interventions
  4. To support the development of strategies and programmes designed to explore and devise interventions to address children’s disability.
  5. To empower children with disabilities to advocate for their inclusion into development process and on matters of concern to them