Haki na Sheria Initiative

Regions: Kenya
Website: http://hakinasheria.org/

Haki na Sheria Initiative (HSI) is a non-governmental organisation based in Garissa, Kenya and it is dedicated to ending the discrimination and promoting the rights of marginalized communities in Northern Kenya.

Our mission

Empower marginalized communities to understand, demand and effectively claim their human rights and obligations in pursuit of an equitable society.

Our vision

A society in Kenya where all marginalized communities live dignified lives free of human rights violations.

Haki na Sheria provides a platform for the promotion of the participation of marginalized communities in governance and reduce human rights violations in the Garissa Region. The organization’s focuses on

  • statelessness in the Garissa county, including assisting the individuals in obtaining birth certificates and other relevant government documents and the vetting process;
  • environmental justice, addressing the environmental degradation and its impact on the communities and empowering them to assert their rights ensuring the environment is protected and their rights are respected; and
  • issues that negatively impact women’s lives, including lack of access to justice, education and gainful employment.