Réseau ouest africain des réfugiés et personnes déplacées

Regions: Afrique de l'Ouest, Sénégal

WARIPNET is an NGO network created in 2000 by 18 West African NGOs. WARIPNET aims to strengthen the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons in Africa by conducting information dissemination, early warning and advocacy targeted at continental and international mechanisms. WARIPNET was created with a number of fundamental purposes, including: sharing experiences among members involved in different aspects of refugee protection; creating a shared platform of action; and working together to bring the most crucial refugee protection issues onto the international stage. The foundation of WARIPNET marks the first time in the region that human rights organisations focusing on legal and policy issues have come together with humanitarian service providers for meaningful discussion to develop and implement the best strategies for refugee protection. WARIPNET is giving a voice at the global level to the reality on the ground in West Africa.

Contact c/o RADDHO, Sénégal: sniass@yahoo.fr