New constitution to allow dual citizenship

Published: 9/Jul/2012

By Tichaona Sibanda

For the first time in Zimbabwe’s history the new constitution will allow dual citizenship, a situation that could be capitalized on by people living in the Diaspora, to push for their right to vote in the next polls.

Three years ago the Supreme Court barred the country’s exiled community from voting in the general election because of an Electoral Act that prohibited such a move.

At the time a group of Zimbabwean exiles, the Diaspora Vote Action Group, had petitioned the Supreme Court asking it to reverse a government policy that barred exiles from casting their votes.

Under the country’s electoral laws only citizens outside their home constituencies on official national duty can cast postal votes, a requirement critics say has disenfranchised more than three million Zimbabweans living abroad.

But a chapter in the new constitution to be released soon stipulates that every Zimbabwean citizen by birth should retain his or her citizenship, even if that person acquires foreign citizenship.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
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