Nigeria sets 5-year biometric enrollment target for whole population to national ID system

Published: 21/Sep/2020
Source: Biometric Update

By Frank Hersey

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) needs between three and five years to complete registration of its citizens, This Day Live reports the commission director general, Aliyu Aziz, as saying. Elsewhere the piece suggests the target is 150 million people.

Aziz also explained how collaboration with the Independent National Electoral Commission and National Orientation Agency would allow voter validation via the National Identity Number (NIN).

Speaking on International Identity Day, September 16, Aziz announced that 42 million Nigerians had registered with NIMC, reports another article by This Day, up by a million since May. The population is around 207 million. He said the NIMC is underfunded and has 200 centers when it needs around 4,000.

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