Nigeria: Unfair complaints

Published: 3/Jul/2020
Source: Vanguard (Abuja)

By Donu Kogbara

WHEN it was announced, two days ago, that Mrs Opunimi (or Nimi) Akinkugbe was the Governor of Ondo State’s ambassadorial nominee, some Ondo indigenes got miffed and decided to kick up a huge fuss.

Their beef? Though Mrs Akinkugbe’s husband, Yinka, is from a highly respected Ondo family, she herself is a Kalabari from my home state, Rivers; and her critics say that she’s purloining a prestigious post that should be bestowed upon a “true daughter” of their ancestral soil.

Can’t say I’m surprised by the brouhaha. It is, after all, typically Nigerian to neurotically focus on an individual’s ethnic origins, instead of taking the high road and rationally judging him or her on the basis of his or her character, conduct and capabilities.

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Themes: Discrimination, Gender
Regions: Nigeria
Year: 2020