Petition to the United Nations Secretary General on “Bakassi Peninsula developments”

Published: 20/Sep/2013
Source: "People of Efik Kingdom"

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon:

We, The People of Efik Kingdom, thank you for your profound interest and intervention in the Bakassi Peninsula matter. While not delving into the pros and cons of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rulings, we are aware that the United Nations (UN) did set up a Cameroon/Nigeria Special Mixed Commission to deal with the negative consequences and other issues arising from that judgment.

Our attention has been drawn to the Press Statement (reference – SC 11/094; AFR 2680, of 15th August 2013) titled: “Bakassi Peninsula Developments” issued by the President of the United Nation Security Council – Ms. Cristina Maria Perceval of Argentina. In her statement, Ms. Perceval used her good offices to urge Cameroon and Nigeria to do more for the victims of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) 2002 judgment. We are also aware that the European Union and the African Development Bank promised funds for the actualization of these mandates.

We, as Efik people, have come together as an epistemic community / civil society, to petition you on behalf of our people in relation to ‘Bakassi Peninsula Developments’. We understand the constraints of your office but ask that you do more for the people directly affected by that judgment as both countries, Cameroon and Nigeria, have exhibited gross negligence in their implementation of the UN mandates.

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Themes: State Succession, Border Changes
Regions: Nigeria
Year: 2013