Rwanda: Civil registration, hospitals set to register newborns

Published: 23/Jan/2019
Source: The New Times (Kigali)

By Emmanuel Ntirenganya

Parents will no longer have to travel to local administration offices to register their new babies once a new system to register them at health centres goes in place. Parents will be given 15 days to register the babies or incur penalties.

According to the Ministry of Local Government, and the National Identification Agency (NIDA), the policy to allow health centres to give the same services as a civil status registrar is still under legal scrutiny. The revelation was made Tuesday during a meeting with the parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, ICT, Culture and Youth.  Normally, the registration of newborns is done by civil status registrars based at all the 416 sectors countrywide.

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Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration
Regions: East Africa, Rwanda
Year: 2019