Rwanda initiates legislative digital ID amendment to include stateless persons, children

Published: 24/Avr/2023
Source: Biometric Update

By Ayang Macdonald

Stateless persons as well as newborns in Rwanda will be among those able to have a digital identity card if a legislative amendment proposed by the country’s government comes to fruition.

The proposal to amend the 2008 law on the registration of persons and the issuance of the national ID card will allow for the creation of the Rwanda Single Digital ID system (SDID).

The digital ID will come in two versions, authorities say, namely a physical card which will have a QR code containing biometric data, and an unprinted version that uses biometrics to access the ID. The ID number assigned to children will be part of their birth registration data which can be revised till the child attains the legal age to carry a national ID, officials say.

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