Shona community in Kenya to finally get certificate of citizenship

Published: 28/Jul/2021
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi will Wednesday grant a certificate of Citizenship to the Shona Community.

This follows the move by Kenya to recognize the community as part of Kenyans.

The Shona arrived in Kenya in 1959. By 1963 when Kenya obtained its independence, 16 families were already in the country having originally migrated from Zimbabwe and Zambia to Kenya as British subjects.

Because they were unable to prove their legal ties to their countries of origin as required by legislation governing the registration of births and citizenship, they lost their Zimbabwe and Zambian citizenship. They, therefore, became stateless.

Their descendants inherited this status because the repealed constitution lacked provisions for registered stateless people at birth.

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Themes: Acquisition by children, Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious, Naturalisation and Marriage, Statelessness
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2021