Somalia: Constitution of Puntland State 2012

Published: 18/Apr/2012

Unofficial translation:

Article 5  THE PEOPLE

1. The people of Puntland State are the citizens of Puntland and any person who has acquired Puntland citizenship in a legal manner.

2. A special law shall define Puntland citizenship, the right to reside and the attainment of Puntland citizenship.


1. Anyone who is a citizen of Puntland or has acquired Puntland citizenship in a lawful manner shall be deemed to be a Puntland citizen.

2. A Puntland citizen shall not lose his / her citizenship if he / she acquires the citizenship of another country.

Download (in Somali): Somalia dasuurka_puntland-2012

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Themes: Acquisition by children
Regions: Somalia
Year: 2012