South Africa: Blocked ID: Woman blames home affairs for heart surgery

Published: 2/Oct/2023
Source: Sunday World (Johannesburg)

By Masoka Dube

A Limpopo woman who previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry blames her poor heart condition, which resulted in her undergoing surgery on the Department of Home Affairs.

This was as a result of a “flawed” identity document (ID) assigned to her by the department.

Elizabeth Shingange, 46, of Nkowankowa in Tzaneen, says the department, which she compared to “Satan”, cost her the capacity to earn a living more than 10 years ago after it unfairly blocked her ID.

She says her struggles are far from over, despite her ID being ultimately restored three years ago. “I’m a dead woman walking. It is painful to be unemployed because of home affairs’ poor decision 13 years ago. Aside from lost work opportunities, I am still a victim. Home affairs, in my opinion, is worse than Satan. They devastate your life and then moved on as if they were angels.

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