South Africa: Gigaba says Atul Gupta ‘is not SA citizen’ – but we have proof that he is

Published: 6/Mar/2018
Source: Timeslive (South Africa)

By Kyle Cowan

Recently re-appointed minister of home affairs Malusi Gigaba on Tuesday said that Atul Gupta was not a South African citizen – but TimesLIVE has proof that Atul is in fact a citizen.

Contained in thousands of #GuptaLeaks emails is a copy of Atul’s South African passport. The date of issue is July 31, 2015, and the document is valid for 10 years.

Under “Nationality”, the passport lists Atul as “South African”. Non-citizens cannot apply for passports.

Gigaba, who was home affairs minister between May 2014 and March 2017, made pronouncements on the citizenship of Atul while clarifying allegations that he had treated Atul’s older brother Ajay and his family preferentially when Ajay, his mother Angoori, wife Shevani and two sons, Surya and Kamal Singhala, applied for naturalisation in 2013.

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