South Africa: Lawyers for Human Rights turn to court to challenge conduct of Home Affairs to block certain people’s IDs

Published: 18/Sep/2023
Source: Pretoria News / Independent Online

By Zelda Venter

Pretoria – Lawyers for Human Rights will turn to the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria later this month to challenge the conduct of Home Affairs to block certain people’s IDs, leaving them in the cold.

The organisation represents more than 100 clients whose IDs are blocked.

In May 2012, the department initiated a campaign to address the issue of “duplicate IDs” on the National Population Register.

Initially, about 29 000 IDs were identified. The figure escalated to about 500 000 IDs within a year.

The department reported to Parliament that the issues originated during the consolidation of apartheid-era population registers into the National Population Register before the 1994 elections.

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