South Sudan: Animu’s deportation from above, Uganda refuses to take her – Lawyer

Published: 29/Déc/2021
Source: Eye Radio (Juba)

By Alhadi Hawari

Ugandan authorities have refused to receive expelled controversial youth activist, Animu Athiei, according to her lawyer.

On Sunday, the South Sudan Immigration Department after an investigation tried to handover Animu to the Ugandan authorities on allegations of acquiring a South Sudanese diplomatic passport.

Animu vanished before Christmas, and was later reportedly seen escorted by men wearing national security uniform to an unknown location.

Since then she has not been seen by her family and friends, sparking concerns among activists.

But her lawyer managed to meet her today at Kololo’s Immigration detention in Juba.

Animu’s lawyer, Philip Anyang stated that his client deportation was authorized from above.

Anyang told Eye Radio that the youth activist was arrested on December 22.

“Animu was picked on 22nd by National Security and she was handed over to the Directorate of Immigration, Passport and Nationality and they kept her for two days and on the 26th that is when they took her to the border,” Anyang said.

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