Southern Africa Achievements and Pledges: High-Level Segment on Statelessness Preparatory Meeting

Published: 30/Aug/2019
Source: UNHCR Southern Africa

The Government Statelessness Focal Points of the Republic of Angola, Kingdom of eSwatini, Kingdom of Lesotho, Republic of Malawi, Republic of Mauritius, Republic of Mozambique, Republic of Namibia, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Zambia and Republic of Zimbabwe met in Irene, Centurion, South Africa, to share information on their respective achievements as well as progress on the elaboration of pledges to end statelessness or the risk thereof in each country. The achievements and pledges will be communicated globally at the High Level Segment on Statelessness of the 70th Session of the United Nations Executive Committee of the Programme of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The meeting, held on 30th August 2019, was an important watershed preparatory session, during which the Government statelessness focal points, with the technical support of UNHCR, shared achievements, exchanged ideas, refined draft pledges and drew cross- border linkages on common action plans. This was an important strategic discussion forum which will prepare the participation of the 10 Southern African States in the High Level Segment on Statelessness. At the end of the meeting the focal points outlined the following achievements and pledges that their governments will consider to showcase and deliver. This document serves as an easy reference document to assist delegates to follow during the deliberations and for partners to keep as a record of the areas in which they can channel support to the sterling efforts and commendable intentions of the concerned States. The expectation of UNHCR is that strategic partnerships will be formed to take forward the #IBelong Campaign in southern Africa and successfully complete, in the next five years, the work to end statelessness or the risk of being stateless in the sub-region. A regional approach will be key and UNHCR invites other States in southern Africa to join this “whole of society” endeavor.

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Themes: Acquisition by children, Discrimination, Gender, Birth Registration, Naturalisation and Marriage, Statelessness
Regions: Southern Africa
Year: 2019