Southern African Development Community: Road map on the eradication of statelessness 2022 – 2024

Published: 19/Aug/2022
Source: SADC / UNHCR

GOAL 1: Compliance with relevant legal, policy and institutional frameworks for eradicating statelessness

  • Outcome 1: States are parties to the UN conventions on Statelessness by 2023
  • Outcome 2 : Constitutional and legislative frameworks are aligned, and consistent with international standards for the prevention of statelessness

GOAL 2: Strengthening statelessnessrelated data collection mechanism

  • Outcome: qualitative and quantitative data available at regional and country level on risks factors to statelessness and groups of concerns

Goal 3: Protection of stateless persons

  • Outcome 1: Stateless persons in migratory context are identified, provided with a legal status and issued with documents

Goal 4: Reduction of Statelessness

  • Outcome: Stateless persons in situ, and persons at risk of statelessness are identified and their nationality status resolved

GOAL 5: Advocacy and sensitization of populations and stakeholders

  • Outcome 1: Public is informed about risks of statelessness and their role to prevent it
  • Outcome 2 : Practitioners are trained to identify and respond to statelessness

GOAL 6: Establish strategic and operational monitoring and followup mechanisms

  • Outcome 1: National focal point are designated and operational
  • Outcome 2: States adopt national action plans and report on progress

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Themes: Statelessness
Regions: Southern Africa
Year: 2022