Southern Sudan Referendum Act 2009

Published: 21/Feb/2010

Voter’s Eligibility

25. The voter shall meet the following conditions:

1) Born to parents both or one of them belonging to one of the indigenous communities that settled in Southern Sudan on or before the 1st of January 1956, or whose ancestry is traceable to one of the ethnic communities in Southern Sudan, or,

2) permanent resident, without interruption, or whose any of the parents or grandparents are residing permanently, without interruption,in Southern Sudan since the 1st of January 1956;

3) have reached 18 years of age;

4) to be of sound mind;

5) registered in the Referendum Register.

Proof of Voter’s Identity

26.1) For the purpose of Section 25 above, the identity of the voter shall be proved by one of the following:

a) Presenting the original identity card or personal identification document or a certificate issued by the local government authority of the County as recommended by a competent Sultan or an identity document issued by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

b) A direct oral or written testimony by a competent Sultan from the County.

2) To verify any document or written/oral testimony, a referendum official may seek the assistance of the local authority or the competent Sultan or the dignitaries of the concerned community.

3) To verify the identity of someone who does not possess any personal identification document, the referendum official shall seek the help of the competent Sultan.

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Themes: State Succession, New States
Regions: South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2009