Stateless persons, newborns, to get Rwandan digital ID

Published: 21/Avr/2023
Source: KT Press (Rwanda)

by Daniel Sabiiti

The Parliament of Rwanda has given a green light to revise a draft law that will allow the government to start issuing digital Identity Cards (IDs) for Rwandans, stateless persons, and children at birth.

The proposal was tabled this April 20, 2023 by the minister of ICT, Paula Ingabire who said that the Government of Rwanda considers digital ID as an enabler of the development of a strong digital economy and a strong digital service delivery ecosystem that will enhance productivity, income, and social well-being.

Ingabire said that the digital ID project is expected to be implemented in three years with funding of $40 million from the World Bank (WB)- which is already processed and will be released as soon as the law is revised and passed.

The Single Digital ID system (SDID) in Rwanda project follows an African Development Bank-supported feasibility study that assessed its legal and regulatory environment and suggested a review of the existing legislation, specifically on Law N°14/2008 of 04/6/2008 governing the registration of the population and issuance of the national identity card as amended to date.

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