‘Stateless’: The politician disowned by South Sudan and Uganda

Published: 4/Mar/2022
Source: Al Jazeera

The Juba-born politician and activist is fighting for her position in parliament, her citizenship and her life.

By Zeinab Mohammed Salih

On December 22, 2021, Animu Athiei was leaving a café at the airport road of the South Sudanese capital Juba when members of the country’s secret police grabbed and put her into their van. That afternoon was the beginning of two months in detention for the 38-year-old youth activist and politician.

The plainclothes officers who took her merely told her while she was briefly detained by them, that she was under investigation but gave no more details.

They handed her over to the immigration police who kept her in custody, accusing her of having obtained a fake passport – a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison upon conviction.

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Themes: Nationality of Politicians, Statelessness
Regions: South Sudan, Uganda
Year: 2022