Statelessness and the Right to Nationality: Developing a Determination Procedure in Nigeria

Published: 22/Sep/2021
Source: GLOBALCIT, European University Institute

By Solomon Momoh

The problem

In my dissertation, I first discuss the risk and issues around statelessness and the establishment of legal identity in Nigeria. Those most at risk are children born to foreign parents within the territory of Nigeria who would otherwise be stateless, foundlings and children adopted in Nigeria whose nationality is unknown or unclear, foreign men married to Nigerian women, persons in the territory of Nigeria who hold no nationality or citizenship of another country, border populations including the people of Bakassi affected by the 2002 ICJ judgement ceding Bakassi to Cameroon, Almajiris, nomads and displaced populations with no form of identity document. Some of the challenges associated with statelessness relate to denial of access to education, medical services, banking, the right to vote, travel documents, and birth certificates.

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Themes: Nationality and Refugees, Statelessness
Regions: Nigeria
Year: 2021