Sudan: Citizenship Changed for Residents from the South

Published: 20/Jul/2011
Source: Library of Congress (Washington DC)

By Constance Johnson

(July 20, 2011) On July 13, 2011, the Parliament of Sudan passed a law that ends Sudanese citizenship for residents of the newly independent state of South Sudan. Although the legislation had yet to have its third reading, Member of Parliament Ismail al-Haj Musa stated that all “southerners are going to lose their Sudanese nationality directly.” Those who registered to vote in the January 2011 referendum that determined that South Sudan would become its own nation are considered by the government in the north to be southerners. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that more than a million southerners remain in the north of Sudan, despite a large-scale migration to the south that has occurred since October 2011. (Simon Martelli, Khartoum Cancel Sudanese Nationality of Southerners, AFP (July 13, 2011).)

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Themes: Loss and Deprivation of Nationality, State Succession, New States
Regions: South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2011