Sudan: South needs to recognise citizenship

Published: 9/May/2011
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

By Nasredeen Abdulbari The proper birth of any sovereign nation starts with the adoption of a set of fundamental principles according to which it would be governed. In this context, the draft of the Transitional Constitutional of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 has recently been released, and will soon be approved by the South Sudan Legislative Assembly. The Constitution is not entirely a new document. It is, in point of fact, an amended version of the South Sudan Interim Constitution of 2005. Like all constitutions in the world, the South Sudan Transitional Constitution of 2011, which falls in 82, A4 pages and contains 201 articles and 5 schedules, determines, inter alia, the structure of the government of the new republic, the guiding principles that would lead the new nation, the relationship between the main organs of the state, and the relationship between the individual and the state.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Discrimination, Gender, Dual Nationality, Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: East Africa, South Sudan, Sudan
Year: 2011