Survey Shows 80% [40%] Of Liberians Want Dual Citizenship

Published: 5/Oct/2020
Source: Front Page Africa (Monrovia)

MONROVIA – Citizens United for Constitutional Democracy-CUFCOD, a local pro-democracy and rights advocacy group which specializes in tabulating population perception based constitutional governance and democratic governance issues has released its latest survey which states that 80% of Liberians want double nationality (dual citizenship).

“This representative survey on voters’ appetite for the country’s upcoming December 8 national referendum that seeks to drive a predictable pattern in which voters are likely to take in the amendments to certain provisions of the Liberian constitution-tabulated responses from the various segments of the Liberian society including tertiary institutions, business and banking institutions, academics, human rights groups, women and youth representatives, students, the elderly, and election experts, a statement from CUFCOD issued in Monrovia today quotes its press service director Augustine Wombiah as saying.

The result of over 5000 respondents who answered questionnaires from its research conducted from January to June 2020 across 10 of Liberia’s political subdivisions, according to the rights group-reveals that 45% male respondents expressed a “Yes” vote for the proposal on dual citizenship-while 35% female respondents followed a similar pattern during the survey. Ten percent of the study’s respondents showed limited interest in the pending referendum, while the remaining 10% of the participants showed no interest at all.

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