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Uganda: House to consider Bill recognising indigenous communities

Published: 11/Nov/2021
Source: The Independent (Kampala)

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Parliament has granted leave to Kibanda South MP, Jacob Karubanga to introduce a Private Member’s Bill entitled, the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, seeking to recognise five indigenous communities. The Bill when introduced seeks to amend […]

Trapped and Invisible: Uganda’s Maragoli People Fight for Official Recognition

Published: 2/Feb/2021
Source: Global Press Journal (Washington DC)

Tens of thousands in Uganda belong to tribes that aren’t recognized by the country’s constitution. That means they can’t access government services – and can’t become citizens. By Nakisanze Segawa KIRYANDONGO, UGANDA — In 2014, Sagwa Moses Masaba wanted the […]

Uganda: Parliament to consider Bill on Maragoli citizenship

Published: 8/Feb/2020
Source: New Vision (Kampala)

By Moses Walubiri The mooted amendment is tailored to adding the Maragoli to the 56 officially recognized indigenous Ugandan communities. KAMPALA – After years of living in the shadows of a country they have known as their home, Parliament has […]

Uganda: Follow up to AG’s advice (Maragoli Community)

Published: 16/Oct/2017
Source: Maragoli Community in Uganda

Complaint by the Maragoli Community to the Equal Opportunities Commission and related documents. Maragoli Community Follow up to AG Advice complaint to EOC 2017

Uganda: NIRA Withholds 15,000 National IDs of Maragoli Tribe

Published: 24/May/2017
Source: The Observer (Kampala)

The National Identification Registration Agency (NIRA) is continuing to hold unto 15,000 national identity cards of members of the Maragoli community on grounds that they are not a recognised tribe in Uganda. The Maragoli community settled in present-day Uganda in […]

Maragoli Petition to Attorney-General of Uganda

Published: 10/Aug/2015
Source: Maragoli Community in Uganda

Compilation of documents related to a petition dated 10 August 2015 from the Maragoli to the Attorney General for guidance on the legal status of the Maragoli, and the official responses (in reverse date order from 2016). Maragoli petition to […]

Uganda: Time to sort out the Maragoli issue

Published: 2/Aug/2014
Source: The Monitor (Kampala)

The demand by the Maragoli to win cultural rights and identity in Uganda is in order By Editorial The demand by the Maragoli to win cultural rights and identity in Uganda is in order. But the demand must give us […]

Uganda: The ‘Maragoli’ tribe to petition parliament

Published: 29/Jul/2014
Source: Radio One (Uganda)

Elders and leaders of the Maragoli, a tribe which originated from Kenya and settled in parts of Bunyoro and Busoga are in Kampala to petition parliament seeking recognition as an indigenous Ugandan tribe. Tribes which were in the country by […]

The Maragoli – Uganda’s missing tribe

Published: 2/Jul/2014
Source: BBC

In the 1950s a community of Kenyans crossed into neighbouring Uganda, settling in present-day Kiryandongo district. Until recently, the Maragoli community considered themselves Ugandans at all levels. But an ongoing national ID registration process, which requires all Ugandans to acquire […]

Maragoli Community Living In Uganda Demand Recognition

Published: 25/Jul/2012
Source: Uganda Radio Network

Members of the Maragoli community living in Bunyoro are demanding recognition by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and central government. The Maragoli community now living in Kigumba in Kiryandongo district, Ntoma and other parts of Masindi district, are a Kenyan tribe that […]