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Kenya issues digital ID cards to minority community after decades of ordeal

Published: 1/Sep/2021
Source: Biometric Update

By Ayang Macdonald Members of a ‘stateless’ community in Kenya known as the Shona have received digital ID cards from the Kenyan government, ending approximately five decades of their statelessness. Kenyan outlet The Star, in a feature report, chronicles the […]

Kenya: We lived like ghosts before we got IDs — Shona community members

Published: 23/Août/2021
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

by AKELLO ODENYO and CHRISTINE NTINYARI “We were alive and dead at the same time, like ghosts, because we had no identity.” Those were the words of Zephaniah Muungani, a member of the Shona community living in Kenya. “Generation after […]

Shona community living in Kenya find respite after citizenship granted

Published: 17/Août/2021
Source: Xinhua

NAIROBI, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) — Unable to secure Kenyan citizenship for years, the Shona community who reside mainly in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and neighboring Kiambu County had long resigned to a fate of statelessness. This unwanted status had […]

Shona community in Kenya to finally get certificate of citizenship

Published: 28/Juil/2021
Source: The Star (Nairobi)

by CYRUS OMBATI Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi will Wednesday grant a certificate of Citizenship to the Shona Community. This follows the move by Kenya to recognize the community as part of Kenyans. The Shona arrived in Kenya in 1959. […]