Tanzania: Kabendera Release Will Depend On His Cooperation, Says Immigration

Published: 1/Août/2019
Source: Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

THE Immigration Department is suspecting freelance journalist, Erick Kabendera (picture) is a non-citizen, and his nationality status will be known after completion of investigations into the matter.

Passport and Citizenship Division Commissioner, Gerald Kihinga told a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the Department was holding the investigative journalist for further questioning.

He could not disclose the nation Kabendera is suspected to come from for fear of interfering with investigations.

 » We have already taken his statement and directed him to bring to us other essential documents which we think may help in the investigation which is still pending, » Commissioner Kihinga said.

He was quick to add, however, that the speed relating to completion of investigations into the matter will depend on how the journalist cooperates with the officers involved.

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Themes: Perte et déchéance de la nationalité
Regions: Tanzanie
Year: 2019