Tanzania: MP makes case for dual citizenship, govt for special status

Published: 6/Avr/2024
Source: The Guardian / IPP Media (Dar es Salaam)

By Francis Kajubi

THE government has been urged to embrace dual citizenship in its legislations so that it reaps economic and diplomatic benefits from Tanzanians who reside abroad.

Suma Fyandomo, Special Seats MP, argued in the National Assembly yesterday that dual citizenship’s economic and diplomatic benefits are beyond remittances by Tanzanians residing abroad.

She questioned the government’s hesitation in granting people with Tanzanian origin dual citizenship, pointing out Kenya as the only country in the East African Community (EAC) which benefits economically and diplomatically.

“Kenya for instance through dual citizenship has been attracting $4.2 billion a year but Tanzania has been attracting only $520 million a year mostly through remittances. Why is the government so worried about dual citizenship?” she asked.

Fyandomo raised the issue in her primary question on the hesitation of the government in revisiting its legislation to allow dual citizenship.

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