Tanzania: Yes, refugees may be naturalised

Published: 17/Sep/2015
Source: Tanzania Daily News

Refugees from Rwanda and Burundi must have heaved sighs of relief when they heard the presidential aspirant on the Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) ticket announce that if installed as head of state he would grant citizenship to all refugees at Ulyankulu.

The presidential aspirant, Dr John Magufuli, who was on the campaign trail, was speaking to refugees at Ulyankulu Camp. The promise was not farfetched. Only recently, the government naturalised about 60,000 refugees from Rwanda and Burundi.

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Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Naturalisation et le mariage, Nationalité des réfugiés
Regions: Afrique centrale, Tanzanie, Afrique de l'Est, Burundi
Year: 2015