Tanzanians Should Think Twice About ‘Dual Citizenship’

Published: 6/Sep/2016
Source: Tanzania Daily News


“The cornerstone of all-round development for Tanzanians is Tanzanians themselves, every Tanzanian; essentially every patriot and every socialist… Likewise, the basis for the enhancement of defense and security for Tanzania is Tanzanians themselves, every Tanzanian and in particular every patriot and every socialist.”

Article 21 of the 1971 TANU Guidelines preceding present day Tanzanian ruling party, CCM. ONCE again, the ‘dual citizenship’ agenda has cropped up, this time in a meeting of Tanzanians preferring to call themselves as ‘Tanzanians in the Diaspora’.

They had a meeting in Zanzibar last week. But it had also featured in debates triggered by the Warioba Commission on the proposed new Constitution in the run-up to the general elections last year.

Commenting on this proposal in this column then, I described the dual citizenship agenda then as being poised on the brink of compromising our very overall national security.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: East Africa, Tanzania
Year: 2016