The Dilemma Of The Ghanaian Dual National – Some Action Points

Published: 1/Sep/2020

By Kwame Ohene Asare

Whilst we endure the restrictions brought on by the ongoing pandemic and savour the unison, if not euphony of speeches and even having endured the petering out of rants, rages and chants triggered by the wicked killing of George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis, the question as to why Africans must all return home to Africa keeps rearing up its hydra-headed character from time to time and looms large.

Africans everywhere need to join in building African Nations, it is said, however, Africans back home must also demonstrate in no uncertain terms that they want their brothers back home. Most Native Ghanaian Diasporans did not abandon Ghana when they left its shores. Most of us intended to return home after a few years but as fate will have it, some of us have had to make our places of residence, a second home.

However impressive the actions of NPP Governments may have been, anecdotal evidence suggests that not everyone is that impressed with or grateful for the remittances Diasporans send home and are thus not obviously that excited about our return as to make our journey back that smooth; there is some indifference about the subject but the support we normally seek from home is usually our fundamental and natural rights as natives of the Land.

Amongst other important announcements made in his address to the Diaspora Homecoming Summit on 3rd July 2019, our President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo stated as follows:

“The question of the political rights of Dual Citizens is a matter for Parliament and an opportunity will be given soon for parliament to address this issue”.

To all intents and purposes, what the President effectively meant was that he will lay relevant bill/s for Parliament to remove all the prohibitions and restrictions placed on the rights of Dual National Ghanaians to participate fully in politics; to wit, to amend Articles 8(2) and 94(2) as well as Section 16 of the Citizen’s Act 2000.

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