The Ghanacard gamble; A case of chasing the wind

Published: 21/Oct/2014
Source: Daily Graphic (Accra)

One way to think about the now controversial National Identity Card project is to ask what would happen if we can’t find the US$115 million that the National Identification Authority (NIA) is seeking, to enable it to build a robust National ID System based on international standards. Does it mean we can’t have the Ghanacard?

The smart Ghanacard should ultimately link every Ghanaian to key agencies, including the Births and Deaths Registries, the Department of Social Welfare, Passport Office, Electoral Commission, Statistics Department, Social Security and National Insurance, Immigration, Driver and the Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), among a host of others, using the national identification number as a common identifier .

Earlier last week, the World Bank revealed that it had, as at September 26, 2013, provided US$97 million for Ghana’s e-Transform Project – Including US$29.15 million that “will provide support to develop a robust national identification system based on international standards to help prepare Ghana for a modern e-commerce industry, improved e-government services, and alleviate poverty.”

This revelation has caused heightened consternation about the NIA’s recent moves since the World Bank’s programme seems to address similar challenges that the Authority claims are the justification for contracting a China Exim bank loan to enable it to pursue its agenda.

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